10 Military Science Fiction Art Pins in Honor of Dolph Lundgren's Birthday

November 3 is Dolph Lundgren's birthday. So inspired by the 1992 film Universal Soldier, we put together 10 pins and more than 50 AI-generated military art images.

An AI-generated image of a science fiction soldier.
Military science fiction art from Pinterest and AI inspired by Dolph Lundgren's move Universal Soldiers.

In a universe where brawn meets brain, there exists a specimen named Dolph Lundgren.

Born on November 3, 1957, in the same decade that birthed the Space Age, one could speculate that Earth was preparing for its own brand of superhero. Not many know that Lundgren isn't just a meat mountain with fists; he also possesses a master's degree in chemical engineering. Perhaps he was destined to solve the mysteries of the cosmos, but Hollywood had other plans.

For the science fiction aficionados among us, we must not overlook his crowning glory in the genre: "Universal Soldiers." A film where soldiers are resurrected from the dead and repurposed into high-tech fighting machines. It's a tantalizing mix of Frankenstein meets the Terminator, with a sprinkle of '80s mullets. Though, if anyone could scientifically prove how to turn back the clock on the aging process, my credits are on Lundgren.

In honor of Lundgren's birthday, we went searching on Pinterest for some amazing military science fiction art pins, and then used those pins to inspire some AI-generated art too. We hope you enjoy.

No. 1: Lundgren and Friends 1992

This pin is from the Internet Movie Database and is a shot right out of the 1992 film Universal Soldier.

Universal Soldier (1992) 

Pinned from IMDB

Universal AI

We asked Midjourney to generate similar images. Frankly, most of them are a little soft. Also, not high-tech monocles.

No. 2: Battle Suit

18 suits of power armor from science fiction you don’t want to meet on the battlefield.

Pinned from The Verge

AI Responds.

We had an AI generate images based on this pin from the Verge.

No. 3: Eternity War

AI Fights Too

It felt like the AI went a little wild with this images based on the Eternity War pin.

No. 4: SF+Fantasy Book Cover Look

Legends of Fantasy Art v.2

Pinned from Hub Pages

AI Does Orange Science Fiction Book Covers, Too

No. 5: The Stainless Steel Rat

The Stainless Steel Rat's Revenge

Pinned from the Science Fiction Gallery

AI Alien Invasion

The Midjourney generative AI really picked up on the UFOs in this pin.

No. 6: Science Fiction Trench Warfare

Battle in the Trenches

Check out this Pin

AI in the Trenches

The AI did not pick up at all on the trench aspect of this pin, but did produce a couple of distinct styles, so you get two galleries for this pin.

No. 7: Sketch 19-Universal Soldier

Sketch 19-Universal Soldier

Pinned by Ghosthawks

AI Goes Universal

The generative AI focused on the helmet and covering, and even offered a female version.

No. 8: Skydive Marines

Skydive Marines

Pinned by ArtStation

The Skies are Full AI

For this pin the AI developed several very similar designs. I hope Dolph likes them.

No. 9: A Modern Soldier

A Modern Soldier

Pinned by NimoxAI

An AI's AI

In this case, the pin we started with seems to be an AI-generated image of a soldier, so our military AI-generated image is doubling down on the AI art.

No. 10: Universal Soldier Inspired

Universal Soldier Inspired 

See the Pin

Dolph, we appreciate your action movies. Hope you enjoy the images. You can check out a bunch of great science fiction art images on this Pinterest board.